Top Five Reasons to Attend our Upcoming Conference


 If you only attend one conference this year, make it our Navigating Suicide Prevention: How to Influence A New Era for Workplaces & Communities. There are hundreds of reasons to attend on February 3rd, but since you probably don’t have time to read them all, here are the top five:


1) Real Conversations with Real Industry Leaders

No beating around the bush here, we’re getting real at this conference.

From industry leader Dr. Lisa Desai’s practical behavioral health solutions for workplaces to high-level psychological discussions with Rory O’Connor, PhD FAcSS- this conference truly encapsulates the entirety of suicide prevention education. You won’t want to miss Dr. Arielle Sheftall examining the implementation of youth suicide prevention in communities of color and Vic Armstrong, MSW, candidly breaking down the historic challenges of African Americans as it pertains to mental wellness and suicide. You’ll want to be part of ALL the sessions our conference has to offer, as we have many more acclaimed speakers and panelists ready to explore prevalent mental health issues in a thoughtful and engaging manner.


2) Learn More About Vital Issues of Equity, Social Justice, Mental Health and Technology

Suicide is a multi-faceted problem that needs to be approached from every direction. Effective suicide prevention education must address the wide breadth of factors that can contribute to someone’s behavioral health struggles. Equity, social justice, mental health, technology, and more all meet at the crossroads of suicide prevention. Grab a virtual seat at our conference to learn more about a diverse pool of topics from an extensive collection of experts as they discuss these critical issues as well as other relevant topics with fresh perspectives and stunning insight.


"Suicide is a multi-faceted problem that needs to be approached from every direction."


3) Personal and Professional Advancement

Raise your hand if you need CEs! Now put your hand down and rejoice because this training is approved for six hours of continuing education for Psychologists and Counselors. Social workers, LMFTs, and nurses in Massachusetts will also be able to obtain six hours of CEs.

CEs are instrumental in advancing your career, and the information you learn to attain them can benefit your personal life as well. Be sure to integrate the self-care techniques and suicide prevention strategies you’ve acquired into your daily life and be proud of the work you are doing to better yourself. Establish enduring connections with speakers and attendees alike and be amazed at the impact a more complete understanding of mental health can have.


4) You’ll Have a Good Time

Who said learning can’t be fun?

Instead of slogging through drab statistics and boring lectures, treat yourself to a dynamic one of a kind zoom event that launches you head first into a brand-new era of suicide prevention. From our legendary event playlist (click here to add to it) to our exciting guests, we strive to make education an enjoyable experience for all. We won’t shy away from heavy topics, but when we carry those topics together they can feel a little lighter.


"Who said learning can't be fun?" 


5) Be Pandemic Productive

As we all continue to learn how to navigate COVID-19, it’s becoming more difficult to find productive and engaging activities while sheltering in our homes. Thankfully, our 2022 conference is virtual and a great way to participate in something new, fun, and educational from the comfort and safety of your living room. Join us this year to celebrate stories of resilience and learn innovative suicide prevention techniques that might just save a life. All while wearing pajamas (if you want).


The deadline to register for our conference has been extended to January 25th, click here to buy a ticket now.



Jake Donofrio

Written by Jake Donofrio

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